There is a big difference between finding an ordinary general dentist, and a great family dentist that can provide services for most oral health needs. Standard ways of finding a new dentist, such as going online to the American Dental Association (ADA) website, asking friends and coworkers for suggestions, and calling a few office to ask about accepted dental insurance plans, will help find an ordinary dentist. Services will be adequate, the office support staff will probably be competent, and insurance claims will be no problem. Most general dentists will be able to provide routine services, some cosmetic procedures, and a few restorative procedures.

Teeth whitening treatments, for example, or veneers can be completed to improve the smile. A bridge or an implant can be created and placed in the mouth to fill gaps left by missing teeth, and the teeth can be molded for clear braces. A general Dentist in Eugene Oregon can provide all those services, and more to help the family maintain proper oral health. Most dentists will not provide services and Watch more videos on this channel treatments for chronic pain, major reconstruction, headaches, or problems with the jaw bone. A mouth guard for grinding teeth is about as far as general dentists will go regarding treatment for TMJ, or other jaw related issues. They will refer patients to pain management centers, recommend a specialist, or suggest the primary care physician be consulted for headaches.

The reasons for that have to do with equipment, time, and expertise. Unique and advanced technology is needed to diagnose chronic pain or headaches to determine if the cause is oral. Many dentists do not want to invest the capital on the machinery. Procedures for major reconstruction work tend to take a lot of time, and may require several visits. That means less patients can be seen on those days, and some dentists do not want to tie up that much time on one patient. Some dentists do not have the experience to handle pain issues, and do not feel comfortable treating patients for chronic pain. The best dentist in Eugene, OR is one that provides services for complicated issues, has the technology necessary to make accurate diagnosis, and is not hesitant to perform long procedures to suit the oral health needs of patients.

People interested in finding a great family dentist for long-term and comprehensive care can Watch this video at It will explain details regarding completed services offered, including those not found at most ordinary dentist offices. Patients will also learn about the experience of the staff, the continuing education of the dentist, and the amenities available to help patients relax during appointments. If any dentist will do for the family, then just ask a friend for a recommendation. If the family is seeking a dentist who can handle all the oral health needs of every member of the family, take the time to check out the video.